Paper! The traditional first anniversary gift!

Bridal Fashion Illustration

The paper tradition dates back to Victorian times (1837-1901). A first year gift of love, and a first year anniversary of happiness. The first historical theory is that paper represents a blank page, the early beginnings of a story of two lives as one, consummated in Marriage! The blank page ready to be filled with a memories.

The Sketch my dress business idea was busily being researched and developed, ‘bringing your wedding gown or special occasion dress back to life in a sketch,’…  Hang it up in your home and enjoy the memories….. the funny part was, the sketches would be hand drawn and created on paper, which is a first wedding anniversary gift tradition!!

Paper also represents the humble beginnings of a marriage. Less money, and maybe a more modest home, a  simple start to a life together. This would be a stark contrast to a 25, 30, 40 or even 50 years together, which anniversaries are represented by Silver, Pearls, Rubys, Gold, and even Diamonds!!

Paper also signifies writing! Writing your future together. Paper comes  from the natural world, created from trees. This is also an interesting concept that paper represents natural growth ( of your relationship.

Which ever theory you believe, paper is all about starting out, and showing your early declaration of love, for your first wedding anniversary celebration.

Sketching my bridal illustrations
Sketching a client’s bridal gown in my own fashion style

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